Liberal Education Courses with Seminars Led by Teaching Assistants

Liberal education courses marked in yellow are subsidized with teaching assistants (TAs). In such courses, every 20~25 students will be assigned a TA who is currently either a Master’s student or a Ph.D. student at NTU. The course instructors will discuss a seminar topic each week in advance with their TAs and instruct them how to conduct the TA-led discussion or recitation sessions. TAs will report student feedback to the course instructors, and are allowed to evaluate the students upon the approval from the course instructors. All Liberal education courses with TAs should include a one-hour discussion or recitation session per week.































Course Guide: Freshman Seminar for Fall Semester 2009


1.     Target students: It is open to freshmen only. Each freshman can register for one session only.

2.     Class format: Seminar-type classes, with a capacity of 10-25 students.

3.     Course content: It is up to each course instructor to include topics of interest for discussion. No prerequisites are required.

4.     Credit hours: This is not a General Education course. Though designed as a course of 2 credit hours, it is up to each department to decide if they can be counted toward the graduation credits.

5.     Assessment: Students will be assessed on a Pass/No Pass basis. Assessment will be based upon class participation & written report (or oral presentation) rather than test results.

6.     Teaching hours:

n   Once a week & each time 100 minutes (with no breaks in between)

n   Class 04, 10, 11 & 12: 12:20 ~ 14:00

n   All the other classes: 18:30 ~ 20:10

7.     Teaching venue: It can be in the common room located in Dorm M1, Dorm F5, Dorm FF or at any campus space cozy and comfortable. The purpose is to form a learning group where each member can develop a sense of belonging.

8.     Course registration: Students can pre-register or add it online later with the authorization code given by the course instructors. Students absent at the 1st meeting will not be allowed to take the course.
















n  Course schedule can be found online beginning on July 24, 2009. Students can visit for course & registration information.


n  Online pre-registration—Phase 1

Aug. 24 to Aug. 28, 2009

9:00 to 24:00 daily


n  Online pre-registration—Phase 2

Sept. 2 to Sept. 4, 2009

9:00 to 24:00 daily


n  The fall semester will begin on Monday the 14th of Sept. 2009.


n  Course can be added online until 12:00 on Sept. 26, 2009.


n  Course can be dropped online until 24:00 on Sept. 27, 2009.