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Service Learning (A) School Support Service 
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The upper limit of the number of students: 100. 
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This is a national program under Ministry of Education. It provides an opportunity for ALL international students and local students to match with kids from (mostly countryside) schools of all 22 cities in Taiwan, including the islands. The format of the program contains both weekly online video sessions (about 40-45 min) via internet and fully-sponsored field trips for meetups at the schools. Each international student will be paired up with a local student who will assist with the preparation, communication, and oral translation for the video sessions. Two official certificates, one by Ministry of Education and the other by NTU, will be issued to students who meet the required criteria (defined in the ICL 'User Manual'; see the link below) in order to recognise their contribution.

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Course Objective
The goal of the course is to provide a platform for cultural exchange through service learning. It connects the international and local students at NTU with the school kids from all cities in Taiwan, especially for the kids from the country side. 
Course Requirement
1. This course accepts only degree students at NTU, NTUST and NTNU. Each international student will be paired up with a local (Mandarin-speaking) student during the 3rd week and they have to work together throughout the semester.
2. Anyone taking this course has to first 'register' an account at the ICL system ( and then use that account to 'apply' for joining the current semester before the end of NTU first week.
The registration and application are normally open at least one week before the semester starts, and we announce it at both the ICL system ( and the FB ( Those who fail to complete the application by the 'end of NTU first week' will need to drop this course or they will fail this course.
3. If you would like to take this course but are unable to pre-select it on the NTU course system for any reason, you need to follow the instructions during the above application process so that we could send you the course authorisation code (which you could use to add this course on the NTU Course system) once your application at the ICL system is approved. See the User Manual for more information.
4. When the weekly video sessions start, the students need to maintain the on-line weekly reports, each of which includes a picture taken during the video session and a summary of at least 200 characters in English (excluding spaces).
5. All students are supposed to pass the 'IOT' at the beginning of the semester and submit the 'final survey' at the end of semester. See the ICL 'User Manual' for details (link provided below).
6. All students have to fully understand the grading standard for this course that is provided in the ICL 'User Manual' (see the link below). Please note that a largely modified grading standard started taking effects in February 2020 and has been rollingly modified every semester in order to comply with the NTU policy.
7. The local (Mandarin-speaking) students have to ensure that their English proficiency is sufficient for general communications. (本計畫全程使用英文,英文程度不佳者請勿加入本計畫或修課,以免造成多方的困擾。) 
Student Workload (expected study time outside of class per week)
Between one and two hours for communications and preparation of video-con materials, and for writing a short summary. 
Office Hours
Note: 1400-1700 during working days; office at Room 801, Astro-Math Building (8th floor).  
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Documentary film (2016; 13 min):
Documentary film (2018; 8 min):
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As defined in the User Manual 
Please refer to the ICL 'User Manual' at: 
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